Aluminium Guard Room :

Security, nowadays, becomes the most important thing to protect the assets like – homes, business organizations and buildings for other purposes. Rather than building a separate room for the security guard team, use an aluminium guard room to give the security team the space they need to work. We, at Taruna Aluminium & Glass, have plenty of experience in creating good quality aluminium guard rooms for industrial and commercial businesses and households.


  • Having an aluminium guard room on the property enhanced the security and helped in determining criminal activities. Staff will feel safer while entering the property as entry and exit of people can also be monitored easily.
  • These guard rooms can be moved as per the need and changes occurred.
  • Getting their own private place to work adds to self-motivation and confidence and makes the employees have a positive attitude towards the company.
  • There is no construction mess involved in setting up these guard rooms.

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