False Ceiling :

A False ceiling also known as secondary ceiling is basically a type of ceiling that is designed to fit below the original ceiling. A false ceiling is basically made up of wood or metal frames and the illusion it brings to the interior is totally stunning. It is used both in residential and commercial buildings for aesthetic purposes. It is not a real ceiling but a secondary ceiling with 150mm to 600mm height below the roof ceiling. In order to make it more attractive, different types of paints are applied to the ceiling surface.

Classifications based on materials:

  • Grid ceiling
  • POP (Plaster Of Paris) ceiling
  • Plywood ceiling
  • Fiber ceiling
  • Synthetic ceiling
  • PVC ceiling
  • Gypsum board ceiling

Advantages of False Ceiling:

  • It provides a smooth and beautiful appearance.
  • It can be used for both buildings - residential and commercial.
  • It reduces the noise coming from the outside.
  • It has excellent insulation capacity that reduces AC consumption.
  • The false ceiling acts as an excellent thermal insulator that keeps the room temperature low.

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