Glass Cabin :

Glass cabins are very helpful in office space. It provides the option of converting a large space into small individual cabins, a space for important meetings and discussions.

With Glass partitions, it is possible to create space within a busy office and make the office well organized.

Glass cabins with glass partitions, glass doors and glass skylights can make a wonderful space to work in.

Advantages of using glass as a building material:

  • Glass cabins can transmit, absorb or reflect light. These cabins can be translucent and transparent both.
  • Glass is dustproof and thus it is very easy to clean. As a result, glass cabins have smooth and glossy surfaces.
  • Glass cabins are very economical. They help in saving electricity costs as glass saves energy by allowing natural light/sunlight to come in.
  • With glass cabins, you feel much safer from electric hazards as glass is a good conductor of electricity.
  • Glass provides a means to showcase a product. Glass cabins are excellent when built-in showrooms and showcases.

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