Glass partition :

A glass partition is basically a glass wall that is used to separate an open space without the need for building spaces separately. Setting us the glass partitions is a much cheaper alternative rather than building walls knocked down and rebuilt.

Why choose glass partitions?

Glass partitions are often opt in office workplaces. This is because-

  • Having glass partitions help in creating privacy, without making employees feel left out.
  • Glass partitions offer superior noise reduction.
  • Help in finding concentration and focus in a loud and busy work environment.


  • Glass partitions are generally cost-effective.
  • Due to their transparency, glass walls let the natural light come inside the room, adding positivity to the space.
  • Glass partitions are more durable.
  • They can be transformable, enabling you to create a new layout for your office space.
  • Glass partition walls are usually thin. So, they utilize very less space during installation.
  • Glass walls help to create a feeling of spaciousness that gives both a modern and appealing look.

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