Half Partition :

Half partitions are also referred to as “Half Height Partitions”. Half partitions are the modern way of spacing and structuring the space like in an office benefitting the employees and staff. These partitions offer enhanced convenience as they can be changed easily just with a few movements.

These half partitions are designed and placed in a cubical shape where 4 walls are made and there is a provision of entry so that people can enter and exit easily. Also, they provide a sense of privacy to the workers as they can work easily in the private space allotted to them.


  • Distractions can be avoided: When it comes to the office, there are other employees also who are working equally which becomes destructive to each other. So, this can be prevented with half partitions.
  • Increases Productivity: When compared with other offices that are unstructured, half partitions help in increasing productivity as a whole.
  • Privacy: Getting their own private place to work adds to self-motivation and confidence and makes the employees have a positive attitude towards the company.
  • Cost-effective: Half partitions are saving a lot of costs.
  • Easy Management: Management within the business organization becomes very easy with half partitions as they allow a separate space for everything – documents or files.

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