Categories of Skylight:

Skylights fall into two main categories:

  • Operable skylights: Skylights that can be opened and allow proper ventilation of air, allowing warm air to move out and cool air to come inside the house/building through windows. This is essentially a “roof window”.
  • Non-operable or fixed skylights:These skylights can not be opened and remain fixed. Non-operable skylights are usually dome-shaped and are more energy efficient.

Heat Loss In Skylights:

  • Radiation: The glazing surface of the window absorbs heat and re-radiates this heat to the internal and external environment, which is cooler.
  • Conduction:Heat generally moves through the solid parts of skylights mainly through the frames.
  • Convection:An amount of heat that is lost from air movement in the space between the glass and the frame.
  • Air leakage:When air moves through the gaps in the frame, there is an amount of heat transfer that takes place due to the shortcoming in the installation or manufacturing of the skylight.

Skylights Advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: Skylights allow abundant levels of daylight all inside the property which reduces the overall dependency on artificial lighting. As a result, it makes the space more attractive and saves a lot of electricity investment.
  • Promote Good Health:With skylights, we can look outside to the sky which gives a sense of gazing at the heavens. Also, we get exposure to natural light with vitamin D production that promotes good health and metabolism.
  • Good for ventilation:Skylights can help in ventilation if your property suffers from poor air quality. Skylights at Taruna Aluminium and Glass are designed in such a way that they can be easily opened to allow the release of warm air that automatically produce inside the property and make the space more hospitable.
  • Roof Access:With skylights that can be opened easily and completely, you can carry out maintenance and other operations just by simply selecting skylights at Taruna Aluminium and Glass.

Eco-friendly, sustainable design and architecture add more to the advantages/features of the skylights.

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